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My name is Julia van Leeuwen (1993) and I’m an illustrator from the Netherlands. 

You can recognize my illustrations by the use of strong black lines, bright colors and simplified shapes. I focus on creating illustrations for products, packaging, editorial, publishing, and advertising campaigns. 


I am a visual thinker and that's why head is always full of ideas and images. Therefore I work quickly towards a concept and final illustrations. 

The one thing I love the most about my job is that I can use my illustrations as a medium to communicate in a clear, light and playful way. Be it illustrating social or environmental subjects or

purely making decorative designs. 

I am always looking for new projects and creative opportunities,

so feel free to contact me at 

My co-parent dachshund Coosje, food & cooking (especially Asian and Spanish cuisine), coaching students, glitter (basically anything that sparkles), buying plants, giving lectures, travelling to Asia, a fresh new marker, anything sorted by color, textured paper.

Hema / / Posca / Mitsubishi Pencil / Politie / 

Getekend Verslag / TUe / Radboud University / Erasmus University / Hogeschool van Amsterdam / Renewi / Cosmogirl / Girlz /

de Effenaar / Paagman / Provincie Noord-Brabant / MSC Nederland / Pameijer/ 0-to-9 


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